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2007 crf150r knocking

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Just bought a 07 crf150r for $750 bucks. Previous owner said it made a knocking noise, and would start and then die. I did not try to start it. I did however notice when I kick it over slowly there it a tapping sound coming from the valve area. I puled the valve cover and the sound got louder, like a "click". It sounds like something is under pressure or stress and that stress is relieved when it makes the sound. I am in over my head here, valves and piston look good to me.


With cam gear marked at tdc, lower timing mark is in-between the two lines, is this correct?


Could the cam recall issue be making this noise?


What is the purpose of the arm on the cam gear with the spring?


As soon as I removed the cam, and kicked it over the noise was gone....


It also seems like a lot of resistance turning over the motor with cam installed and plug out.


it makes the click sound once for every cam revolution


So where do I go here


thanks in advance 




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If you search online you'll find a free download of the 150R's service manual in .pdf format is available.


It's content will answer many of your questions (current and future).

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