Raced my pig in my first race(actually first time on a track)i n an open class race for beginners and pulled second. The track was definatly too tight for this big of a bike and the 125's had a destinct advantage. I had always wondered how a pig would do on a track and the answer is horrible!!! But it can be done! Just dont be suprised if you are more sore than ever the next day!!!

next weekend I'm riding my 490

That's balsy man. At least when you got to pass someone you can run em' over and spit em' out. :)

my buddy rides this ratted old xr250.....piece of [@#$%&*!] no breaks or anything...my cocky buddy on his yz125......

anyway guy with xr...i let him ride my xr600

coems up the track

smokes my cocky friend

way to damn funny

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