XR 350 CDI Modification

Hi There,


i have a 1983 XR 350 and the CDI has failed.


I am modifying it to take the new XR 50 - 600 1995 one with the 4 and 2 pin set up and not the round 2 rows of 3


have checked the Wiring Diagram ... and all the same cables go to the correct same components. 


So changing the Pin out and also replacing my faulty Pulse Generator that I have coming from germany.


Will keep you posted as to how I go.






All Wiring converted to the New Pin out R & D & design all done. Marked up all my colour codes.


Purchased the following

  1. Racing CDI out of an XR 100-600 CDI ($25.00) That included a new coil, HT lead too!
  2. Picked up a set of wiring plugs for a Chinese branded GY6 4 pin and 2 pin female plug for ($4.00)
  3. Silicone insulating wiring plugs ($7.50)

Total Spend = $36.50


Compared to a rare 1983 XR 350 CDI = $190.00


Popped out all my wires and simply click them all in



Here is the Pin out I worked out.

85 CDI PIN OUT.jpg

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Hi Westy69,


So how does the engine run with the new CDI unit?



Hi There,


Engine not at running stage yet. I have some other wear and tear stuff to deal with first. One the engine is back together. I will update.


My Kick start idler gear and bush are flogged out and it have chewed out the outer of my clutch housing.


i am confident it will all work very well.




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