Honda graphics

Does anyone know what these graphics are called or where to get them,I've seen them on a lot of Hondas race bike back in early 2000 and very interested in them1458635467409.jpg

Pretty sure throttle jockey is who use to make thise graphics.

Yup TJ used to make them. They are referred to as "woody graphics".

Evomx may make them now. Not sure because of the licensing needed.

Throttle Jockey won't make them anymore. I tried

My 2 neighbors have the exact ones (-flag) and they had to get them custom made

eBay may be your friend. 


licensing is a bastard when it comes to restoring bikes. 

Contact some of the overseas custom graphics companies on ebay.  send the pictures they will make something very close and you can customize it.  I used OMX before and they are pretty good.

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