2008 Rm 250 rear hub/ kx 250 rear hub


Would anyone happen to know whether a Kx 250 rear wheel/hub would fit an Rm, I know they are very similar built bikes but wanted to check before going out and buying one, I'm presuming that models from 2001+ will all fit each other?,

I've also heard that the KXF rear wheels fit the RM's from a previous thread on here- would that have to be a specific year to fit an 2008 RM?

I was just asking as I've been having trouble finding a rm hub as parts arnt very common (eBay) and was looking as it would be cheaper to buy a whole KX wheel than buy a brand new RM hub!

Thanks for the help!

Hey mate, kxf or rmz wheels will not fit. I don't think that the kx one will either. I had the same problem a while back.

Oh really? That's a pain as its nearly £200/$400 for a new hub!!! Probably easier to buy a whole new rear wheel as it won't be far off the same price, I'll have too keep looking around, thanks for the reply!!

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Yeah that's what I found. Plus if you buy just a hub you still have to lace the rim and you would probably much rather be riding your bike than that. any rm after 01 should be sweet. if you have the option of a 125 or 250 wheel get the 250 one. Slightly wider

Yeah that's true, alright that's sound! Thanks for your help mate!

Hi mate, another quick question.

Do you think If I buy a rm 125 wheel and remove the hub, will I be able to use the hub on my 250 rim and just respoke it?

Yeah that would work

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