Rm250 for a yz250f

Hello fellow thumpers! I've been wanting to get a new bike, a 250 2 stroke. I've been waiting for the right deal to pop up. A guy posted a 2001 rm250 fully restored. It seems like a replaced every part on the bike except the bottom end. Would it be a good deal to trade him my 07 yz250f plus cash on my end($400)?

In my area the RM would likely go for around $2500/$3000 and the yzf would be closer to $2750/$3000, now obviously the prices would be subject to condition n aftermarket goodies n pipe, etc but if yours isnt in the best condion or you suspect it may grenade id say that would be a deeecent trade. If yours is real clean n all done up n maintained then if offer a straight trade no cash. IV had a yzf 426 n a yzf 250 n I got rid of em n went with a 04 RM 250. Way happier not shimming valves and worrying about a $2000 repair bill. Top end once a year/ check bottom end n ride.

Be aware that the 01 rm 250s were known for top end problems, if I remember correctly it was the exhaust bridge on them cracking. Just a heads up. You bike is 6 yrs newer as well, if it were me I wouldn't be adding cash. I would sell your bike and just search for a bike that's nice and clean. This guy sounds like he overvalues his bike, ya he put a bunch of money into it but it is still an 01.

Thanks guys. Yeah Garret that's why I want to get away from 4 strokes. I asked him if he has a title for the bike(I have mine) and he doesn't have it. So I will probably move on. In my area Craigslist is flooded with 250f's so they don't go for much. That's why I thought it would be a good trade. Oh well

What do u need a title for? Me n my buddies all have bikes n quads n practically none of us has an ownership. Unless ur playing or insuring it who really cares. I went to the DMV n checked my serial number n it had never even been registered cuz dirt bikes are "off road" n used on private property usually. I dunno what the rules are in your area but noone cares in my area. If your worried about the 5.0. Then drop a gear and pin er n leave then in a cloud of dust. #&$% titles : ).


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