new to me 430wr

1982 430 wr husqvarna. Restored and well cared for with a ton of parts, documents etc.

I like the older stuff. I grew up around yz/kx/cr's, never saw a husky or frankly knew of them. I guess they were quite the bike in the late 70/early 80's, but expensive for the time. This one popped up and I started doing some research. It should be a fun bike for the woods.


Wow what a fast bike. Bit much for some of the rocky trails near me. Thing wants to climb every tree I see.

Also got to experience a runaway for the first time. I was letting the bike idle and run itself out of fuel to drain the carb. Well after a min it went to wot. Kill switch, nada. Plug wire, nada. Fuel shutoff, already off. No co2 extinguisher close, I was able to choke it out. Phew. Think I am deaf now tho!

I never liked running carbs dry because that last moment of runtime is very lean. It's in nice looking shape. I had a 1980 250 OR and wish I had kept it.


Watch those lower fork legs in the rocks!

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