Wheelset for my KTM

Hey everyone


This is my first post, as i just bought a KTM 520 EXC from 2002! It has racing tires on right now, and i really want a second set of wheels so i can change for offroad whenever i want.


I have been looking arround on ebay and such, and i cant seem to find anywhere that has a wheelset for 2002! 


Does anyone know where i can buy a set, that they are sure will fit?



I hope someone can help me out! 





- Amir

I would check out the tusk wheel set at rocky Mountain atv.. great quality at a lower price

I've had the tusk wheels on my 06 crf and they are great quality at an even better price, me and my cousin both have them. They have taken a major beating over the last 2 yrs and both sets are still in great shape. Not sure if they fit your application but I've heard before that you can swap newer wheels onto the older Ktms, see if you can find which wheels swap onto your bike if you can't find a set specifically for yours

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According to this thread all rear KTM wheels (125-525cc) from 1992-2007 used the same hub so they should fit on your bike. You will probably want one with an 18" rim. And all front wheels 2002 and older used the 20mm axle and should fit. You might also be able to use one of the newer wheels with the 26mm axle and find spacers to make it fit yours.

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Thanks a bunch guys, you really helped

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