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New Here, New Build (06 RM-Z 250)

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So I'm a new member on these boards, but have been riding for awhile. I've raced in NY, and enjoy working on and riding dirt scooters in general. Enough about me, Let's get to the build at hand...


A few weeks ago I picked up a 2006 RM-Z 250. The bike has been sitting for a long time and supposedly not running. I go to look at the bike over 2 hrs away (pretty much no way i'm leaving without it) and it seems pretty neglected, yet a solid starting block for a project. I roll the engine over a couple times to make sure it's not seized or has apparent damage, and then give it one good kick and it almost wanted to start. After that I decide to stop kicking so I can negotiate a price. I end up getting the bike for $900 and drive home with it. As you can see it's a complete bike that has been pretty well neglected for a number of years.





So now the fun begins...


The next day after getting the bike home, I pulled the carb, cleaned it, and replaced some seals and gaskets. Drained all the old gas out of the tank, flushed the tank (which was full of dirt and debris) and cleaned the pep cock. Reinstalled everything loosely for a test run and kick the bike over a couple time. On the second kick it backfires and on the third it fires right up. I shut it back off as there are leaks in the fuel tube and god only knows when the oil was changed last. But, I have a running $900 bike, So we are moving in the right direction.




http://vid727.photobucket.com/albums/ww275/Darkstar596/IMG_2203.mp4 (quick video of the bike running)


Now at this point, i start going through what needs to be replaced on the bike to make it safe and reliable (and look good, lol). The list includes but is not limited too:


Control Levers

Throttle Cables

Throttle Tube

Clutch Cable

Brake Lines

Wheel Bearings

Front and Rear Tires

Front and Rear Tubes

Water Pump

Air Filter

Oil Change

Valve Adjustment


Extended Fuel Mixture Screw

New Exhaust

and of course new plastics


So last night (3/21) The tear down began.







In the last picture, I have the new front wheel and tire installed. I decided to go with Pirelli's because they have always been good to me. Other than that, Cleaned some parts up that are staying on the bike and await parts to arrive from the interwebs. The first shipment arrives today! So more updates to follow soon.


I do plan on doing some custom stuff to this bike, so stay tuned. Don't wanna give away any secrets just yet.

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So the first batch of parts has arrived! Mostly small stuff, but hey, the small stuff counts too.




Pro Taper aluminum throttle tube

Pro Taper grips

Motion Pro throttle cables

Motion Pro clutch cable

Twin Air foam filter

Billet extended fuel mixture screw

as well as some other odds and ends




Polished the sub frame today and finished ordering everything else the bike needs


Will be doing the valve adjustments over the weekend


Awaiting the ASV levers and new plastics (which will not be from an 06)



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Yea ASV's are a no brainer for me, gotta love them.

Can't wait for everything to get here, tomorrow and Friday are some big delivery days, unfortunately I have to take the weekend off from working on the bike for some holiday, lol.

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So here we go, big update time! The bike is winding down on the build.


First things first! More new parts!!!






So we have...


2010+ front fender and number plate

2007-09 Side panels, shrouds, and rear fender

06 Fork plastics

New Sprockets and Chain

Leo Vince X3 Carbon Exhaust


Front end pulled together quite easily!!!






Next were the radiator shrouds, also bolted up with very little trouble, but you lose one gas tank mounting point.




Also got the Leo Vince Exhaust bolted up and set the rear fender on to see how it was going to line up with the seat




Started the side panels next, This is were it got tricky and needed to do some small modifications. Rear fender still not attached, just sitting there at this point.






Notice the seat does not line up very well at this point.




In this one the rear fender is finally mounted, also required some modifying, but all in all wasn't too bad.




Back wheel, sprockets and chain finally on. Also finally got the ASV levers in!... Still have seat alignment issues.






Seat alignment issue fixed by using an 07 seat.






Also get a sneak peak of the new beast in the back, lol. 06 CRF 450R


Pretty much all done here, Just need some sick graphics. I put in some laps on my practice track this past saturday and was very happy with how the bike ran. Should be a fun season to come!!!



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Thanks! I was surprised how quickly this bike came together. It really was a fun project and I can't wait to get into some racing with it.

Have you done any of the bulletproofing for this bike at all? I would look into it if you're keeping it.

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