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new XR650L owner -rear fender/lights/turn signals question

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Have just purchased a new 2014 (non-current) XR650R and want to get rid of massive rear tail light and fender combo. This bike will be used mostly in eastern Ontario single track, using a fair amount of roads to connect trails. Looking for advice or links to purchase MX/XR style rear fender with undermount tail light and much smaller trail friendly turn signals. Would be nice but not absolutely necessary if fender mounted to stock honda mounts.


FYI, I have rode and owned (including bikes to teach my son) XR100/250/350/500(2)/600 (2). Basically I rode and raced (use the term loosely) XR's from 1980 (1st 500) to the late 1990's (93 XR600). Then my son and I got a little more competitive and rode Kawasaki KDX's/Honda CR250's-both made road legal(barely)/Husky 450. Now at the ripe old age of 57 I desire a less competitive/high strung street legal dirt bike. I am 6'4" 230 lbs (read old fat guy) and always loved my big thumpers. This forum is great and appreciate all the info I have learned off it.


Do not want to do too much immediately to bike and void warranty but have already ordered desmog kit/fork brace-learned how much I loved this mod after installing Summers fork brace on previous XR's.

future mods

  • Aloop seat tank
  • litium iron battery
  • enduro engineering respring and suspension mods
  • then carb/pipe motor mods probably by Bondi Motors (established motor builder in Ont, Canada)

Thank any who respond in advance

super chunky

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Hey hey! Congrats. There are some fenders on eBay with varying quality. Western powersports makes a tiny little taillight that fits on the stock fender perfectly. You can buy that from procycle or Amazon. I recommend switching it to an LED bulb for the trails. No filament to rattle. A quick trip to Princess Auto if you have one near by can help with turn signals. Much cheaper than buying moto specific. You'll need inline resistors to make the signals flash though. If you're handy, that's the cheapest way to go! I haven't swapped out my battery yet, but I do want to because that battery compartment would a make a great toolbox and spare tube compartment! You're probably going to want stiffer fork springs. My next planned mod is to cut the fork springs and put in some nylon spacers to preload. That's probably enough for my weight and will save me a couple bucks.

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thank you geoffthechief for your info, I will investigate the options you mentioned. Not going to do too much to bike until warranty is over. I am definitely going to respring as I have on most of my bikes in the past. In the early years before I could afford to purchase new springs I was taught that the way to stiffen stock springs was

  • remove stock springs and measure
  • compress  a couple inches of stock springs with vice grips
  • then heat spring where compressed and let cool
  • re-measure spring and then add spacer so that spacer plus spring equals measurement of stock spring.

Not sure if correct but that was advice I was given-did it on a couple bikes back in the early 80's and seemed to stiffen them up and work better then stock.

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super chunky here, not getting many responses so repose question/s as I want to ditch rear fender.brace etc.

  • has any bolted on a modern? XR659L a UFO/Acerbis rear fender?
  • Acerbis or any other make under fender led brake light/license plate holder?


  • want to eliminate battery box-what year XR600R side panel to replace stock side panel?



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