First dirt bike?

My son is 13 years old and 5'8'. He is growing rapidly.  Has experience riding his friends 1984 kd80. (a relatively small bike) He pushes the little 80 as hard as it can go. He has saved up about $900 for the bike itself. We are looking for something that he can ride comftorbly at first but grow into. The bike will be ridden mostly on trails, with occasional high speed runs. He can do basic maitenance himself. He is not a newb rider, he knows how everything works, can shift with ease. He wants a kdx 200-220 and I think it is a perfect bike. What do you guys think? I heard the kdx has more bottom end power, which makes it great for trails. What bike would suit him perfectly?

KDX200 is a great trail bike and would be a good move up bike for him. They have a bit smaller cockpit and lower seat height than other full size bikes so that might work ok for him.  Kouba sells 3 different lowering links for the KDX200/220 and you can push the forks up in the triple clamps a bit without affecting the handling too much.


Biggest issue you will run into is finding one in good condition at the price you want (stopped making the KDX200 in '06 and the KDX220 in '05)  The $900 he saved up will probably only purchase 1/2 of a very good to excellent condition KDX200.  I would expect to pay $1200-$2000 depending on year and condition.  One thing to note is the KDX 220 has a smaller carb on it that the KDX200 (built more for torque than the 200) and the KDX220s have known concern about the skirt cracking on the OEM piston, so if you buy one, I would recommend replacing the top end first (and add that cost to the potential purchase price).

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