IRC TR011 TOURIST (DOT Legal) - Anyone run these?

I'm looking for street legal trials tires for my 2005 CRF.  


Since the Pirelli MT43 is apparently to wide for the CRF's rear rim, I wanted to ask about the DOT approved TR-011.  I had not seen them before today.  Until now, I thought the TR-1 was the DOT approved version of the TR-11.


I guess the TR-011 Tourist is also DOT.    Anyone run the TR-011 Tourist?  I can't find reviews of them on the CRF.



Also, I saw Ricks recommendation for 3.00-21 front.  Anyone run this size for a front trials tire?  Any pictures for the larger tire?

Thanks guys.

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Why would a 400X18 MT-43 not fit on the rear of 2005 CRF230f? (Or any year model 230f)

I have used 2.75x21 Comp Trials tires on the front and like them.


3.00x21 is an old front tire size for knobbies and its full cross section provides better bump absorption than the newer low profile metric sized front tires.  The 3.00x21 Metzler 2E knobby had been my tire of choice for Enduro competition because of its bump absorbtion, I had a new leftover in storage so I tried it on my XR and while it softened the ride it also didn't steer as well as the metric sized tire, only used it one ride.  YMMV


I have run 4.00R18 Competition Trials tires on the rear of several bikes and while larger in diameter than metric  knobbies they fit XR200/250, RM, and CRF250 swing arms. They provide great bump absorption and more traction.  The larger size gears the bike up the equivalent of about 1/2 tooth on the counter shift sprocket.

Here's the great debate I read.  Seems the MT43 is a large tire for that size, and I've read comments like "its tall" for a 4.00x18.  I recall seeing a picture of the MT43 on a CRF, and it looked big.  Almost silly-big in that picture.  I can't find that pic again right now, but if i do, I'll post.  


Do you have the MT43 on the rear of the CRF230?  Post a pic so I can see it please.  Now that would be good feedback.


Here's some that say they like the MT43.

And another: 


The info seems to conflict.  Seems its a great tire for a full frame bike, like WR250R, XR250, DRZ 400, KTM something, etc., but possibly too big for the CRF230.  Unfortunately, a lot of posts start with "I don't own a CRF, but.." or "I own a CRF, but run this tire on my (some other bike)..."  not very helpful to the cause.


Anyway, I posted this to find out about the IRC TR011 Tourist tire.  Easily drawn off I guess.

If it fits it fits, doesn't matter how it looks.

If an MT 43 climbs hills "so well it seems like cheating" sounds like the perfect off-road tire.

May not be so great on the street????

Yep, looks like they fit and sounds like they work well on a dirt (only) trail bike, but may or may not be the best on the street?

Here's Rick's IRC trials tire (I think its a TR-1)


Actually, it's a Vee Rubber VRM308 DOT trials-like rear tire as described in the chart and below the chart.



I've noticed that all the rear competition trials tires and the trials-like (DOT) tires are pretty much the same size and they all 'fit' the CRF230F. 


'Fit" used here means the tires fit the stock CRF23F rims and clear the swingarm.  You may have to change the chain length so the tire doesn't hit the airbox mudflap.


The larger diameter of these tires will raise the rear of a CRF230F significantly and will quicken the steering so much that the bike may be unridable except on very easy terrain. You should try to correct for this by raising the triple clamps on the forks, mounting a larger front tire, changing suspension linkage, or switching to different forks.


The rear competition trials tire size is mandated by FIM regulations. I think the trials-like tires follow along for compatibility.



The competition trials tires have softer rubber and softer sidewalls than the trials-like DOT tires and perform much better.  But the trials-like tires perform better than almost any knobby or other tire design.


I'm judging performance on trails in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado; all other locations may demand other tire designs.



I have also found that Kenda K270 tires are acceptable for some bikes and specific uses. The K270 is a step down in performance from the competition trails tires and trials-like (DOT) tires. They work acceptably on slightly less technical trails.  They work very well on 4WD roads, dirt roads, and paved roads so are a good choice if you are riding long stretches of roads that connect trails. They come in lower profiles than the competition trials and trials-like (DOT) tires and don't affect steering geometry as much. They are better in mud as well, but obviously still short of knobby mud performance.


Trade-offs, always there are trade-offs. :thinking:


These are MHO, and not presented as fact.

After all, this is the internet...




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I use the Mt43 on my 230f.What are you guys talking about? It fits perfect,it works perfect.Also If you use a dirt bike tire,you be pushing your bike.Still not make it even pushing.PTDC0079.JPG

The 4.00R18 Comp Trials tires are a full section tire and taller than a knobby, equal to about 1/2 tooth on the countershft sprocket for gearing.

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