Rtech neon yellow front end plastic

Available for 15-16 125/250 but easily adapted to older model's.yes i know it's not everybody's cup of tea..image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

Cool but at least they could of done the rear fender.

Hmm that would probably look terrible on my x but Ihave the urge to buy it haha.

Do you have a link?

Cool but at least they could of done the rear fender.

Four stroke got the rear fender,sidepanels,rad shrouds,but not the two.

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I guess you could do neon upfront with a black tank white shrouds and rear fender and number plates with a black seat and get some graphics to cover up the white maybe some neon yellow and chrome! blind the guys on the gate so they ram the gate and get stuck. Gonna need flashy neon yellow n white gear to go with your chrome helmet and black boots n gloves! chrome chest protector if your really trying to show off.

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