2011 KX250F electrical

Hey I am new to Thumper Talk I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their 2011 KX250f backfiring under load? I have just did a top end rebuild weisco piston with new moose cyclinder valves are in spec bike runs strong but backfires under load and then stalls out after it is warm. I am starting to think it might be electrical maybe tps or stator I am waiting on manual to come in to start process of elimination just wondering if this year had problems with electrical any input would help thanks...

Have you replaced your fuel pump filter?

Have you cleaned your CDI pickup sensor off the stator?


Harness ?

Thanks for the fast reply! No I have not replaced fuel pump filter I will try cleaning the cdi pickup, spark plug is new. Have you heard of this issue or any known issues with the 2011 kx250f

Other than the forks being stiffer than a Viagra side effect, no. There's nothing wrong with the '11. You could also have an exhaust leak as well. The gasket at the slip-on/header joint could be worn or the header might not be fully seated into the cylinder head.

I appreciate the input I just replaced the exhaust with Yoshimura RS-4 full system. The manual arrived yesterday so I will be getting to it this weekend I will update with what I find. I checked the spark plug that the shop I previously had it said they replaced and it looks fouled probably from the low compression before rebuild. Put new plug in seems to run fine for now I will feel really dumb if thats all it was but I will be checking the whole electrical system anyways to see if something is causing the plug to foul and run like crap.

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