Rider Down


Of all the crazy, superman-like dismounts I've made that ended in me tumbling down a rocky cliff, this lame flop is what broke a bone.



 I snapped the tuberosity of the 5th metatarsal bone clean off. 




At least it happened in March and not July!


Ugh. This is going to be expensive. Surgery on Friday.

Gotta get yourself a lighter bike! :devil: :devil: :devil:

surgery?  I think I'd just keep my foot in the boot

surgery? I think I'd just keep my foot in the boot

We went over to use the X-ray machine at my wife's work, just to save us the couple hundred on an office visit just to have them tell us it wasn't broken. I was convinced it was just swollen and purple from trauma.

My wife was having trouble getting it to take a clear picture, so a crowd of all her coworkers had gathered, trying to help. I couldn't see the screen as the telltale image came on the screen, and everyone in unison said, "Oh! That's broken!"

We made an appt with a podiatrist yesterday afternoon, and he explained how this was about the most odd and difficult-to-fix break he'd seen. That was comforting.

He gave me three options; two of them were a 50/50 toss up as to whether or not they would even work because the piece is small and so seperated, with tendons pulling it apart.

Option one is doing nothing but wearing this bulky air-boot I left with and keeping weight off it for 6-8 weeks and letting the bone try to bridge that gap naturally. Due to work (and life) I'm not seeing that as a possibility. If that route isn't working, I'll end up having to go through surgery anyway.

Option two is conventional surgery using a screw or pin to anchor that piece in place, but he's not sure it will hold. The tendons attached to that broken piece that may pull it apart before it has a chance to heal, then another surgery to remove the pins if it did work, then another recovery time.

The third is using a very expensive, probably permenant titanium "hook plate" that is new on the market that I'm not yet sure my insurance will cover, but he's sure it will work. Down time would supposedly only be 3-4 weeks.

Hook plate it is.

did you offer up the duct tape and motocross boot fix? 


gotta figure, out home on the range, folks broke feet all the time, all they had was a stiff boot


Do what ya gotta, just funnin :)

This is the XR's way of telling you "quit dropping me!"


Sorry to hear of your misfortune, hopefully option 3 works out for you!

Of course that is how it goes sometimes! Get well soon and back in the saddle.



Heal up quickly fellow XR rider!

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