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Possible Carb switch

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Ok a little info on the bike. It is a 1989 YZ 250 WR. The carb is a Mikuni TM carb.  I ran it last year and could never get the bike to Start consistently.  Some time it would start first or second kick or it would be 20 or 30 kicks. On the times it would not start I would choke it then not choke the bike. I got to the point were i could get it to start when it was cold and it would start fine when it was hot after I learned to bike. But I could never get it to start when it was "semi warm". I have a feeling that the carb is just worn out. I could never get the bike to idle great. you could set the ideal screw to just about any position and it would not really change. I also rebuilt the top end last spring.


So now to get to my question. 


Do I rebuild the TM 38mm carb I have or do I switch to a PWK 38mm carb which I hear good things about. Also if I was to switch carbs what all do I need to make the switch.





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