1999 YZ250 Carb rebuild

I have a yz250 project I have just started. It has been sitting for about 10 years. It needs a lot of work.

It runs, but very little power. So a top end is probably in order. When it ran good it fouled plugs, bad. Every cold start it fouled a plug.

Anyways, I have been looking for a carb rebuild kit for it but cannot find one anywhere for the 1999. The 2000+ yz250s have a different part number for the carb. Not sure if the 2000 carb rebuild kit would work. I already have stock jets ordered. I figured to get it running right, I will start at stock and tweak the jetting as needed. I figure that sitting so long, new gaskets and orings wouldn't hurt. They are cheap as a kit, and expensive to buy separately oem.

If anyone knows where I can find a rebuild kit or of the 99 kit will work, please hook me up!

99 kits I have not seen. 200-2001, 2002-2006, 2007 up. Might need to get on the fiche and pic what you need.

Check the crank seals while you're at it, sitting for long periods dries them out, they crack, and eventually tear when the motor is run

I was thinking about those, a buddy of mine told me to run it first and see how it is

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