2016 FE501s Exhaust Screen Removal

Just wanted to post a simple how-to on this matter. You'll need a dremel with a cutting wheel, and something to hold the end cap.IMG_7506.JPG 

I started by cutting vertically through the first screen as far as I could go without cutting into the end cap housing. (Even though I nicked the outside a tiny bit) IMG_7507.JPG


Once I got through it, I used a flat head to pry both sides up a bit, causing the screen to slightly ovalize.IMG_7508.JPG

Then I pry'd underneath the now raised edges and popped the screen out.IMG_7509.JPG

This allowed the inner secondary screen to come falling out with it.IMG_7510.JPG

Start to finish, maybe 10 minutes. Very easy and adds a decent amount of grunt to the bike.


Hope this helps!

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