Stay out from under your XR

Of all the crazy, superman-like dismounts I've made that ended in me tumbling down a rocky cliff, this lame flop is what broke a bone.

I snapped the tuberosity of the 5th metatarsal bone clean off.


At least it happened in March and not July!

Ugh. This is going to be expensive. Surgery on Friday.


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Did the foot peg get you? That little dump looked totally inconsequential.

Did the foot peg get you? That little dump looked totally inconsequential.

I know, right? I threw the bike uphill and jumped downhill so I wouldn't have to pick it up from past 90 degrees. I do that all the time. But this time, I think my foot planted just as the engine slid down against it, planting it even deeper. Snap.

I never imagined it was broken; I even rode some nasty trails for another hour after. We headed back to the truck only because my buddy's XR600 was running like crap and leaking fuel.

Oh man I'm sorry that happened to you. Speedy recovery

Something similar happened to me but i don't think it was that bone and not broken, possibly fractured though. It hurt like hell but never went to the doctor, especially not around here. :/

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458681550.599806.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1458681574.198411.jpg

P.S. Sorry for the fluorescent white hahaha, i only wear blue jeans.

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Curious, What boots are you wearing?

Last time I ended up under my XR the result was this:





Curious, What boots are you wearing?

Alpinestars Tech 6 that are as old as my bike but still in decent shape.

Something similar happened to me...

That bruising is very similar to mine!

That bruising is very similar to mine!

Wow, I hit a rut going into a down hill turn and I had been having problems with my carbs all day, the bike stalled and as I was trying to stop my front tire slid in and flipped me and my XR, it ended up landing on my foot and the handle bars took a nasty chunk outa my side. Even though it was my kicking foot I was still able to kick start the bike and get myself back to my truck. Decompression cables had been removed to :.(

Worst injury to my foot I didn't even crash! Foot got twisted back real hard and it partially tore (and seriously stretched out) my Achilles tendon and some other connector tendons. Foot was multi colored for a month and my calf still does not look right (small on one side only from the stretched out portion) or have the strength it used to have. And that was with riding boots on.


I stopped and told my buddy I F'd up my foot pretty good and he thought I was joking. Couldn't put any weight on it or walk on it for almost a solid week. Sometimes it's the smallest thing that gets you! Hope you heal up quick and can get back on the trails. :thumbsup:

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