Newbie needs help

Hey guys I picked up a 2004 DRZ absolutely fell in love with it rode it all last season. I am 6 foot 2 I got two inch bar risers for the bike with the stock bars. It's still not comfortable to ride when standing. What would be my correct setup for the bike I am fine with going with aftermarket bars and risers and starting over. I really appreciate any input thank you


What bike? I didn't see one.


Get some Pro Taper bars and then the applicable adapter/riser.

I'm 6'3" and the stock bars work fine so I'm guessing this is a personal preference issue that only you can resolve through trial and error.

Your 6'3 and ride with stock bars..offroad? I think we probably have different riding styles.

Or maybe I just have orangutan arms.

I ordered a set of pro tapers. We will see

I ordered a set of pro tapers. We will see

Which ones? Carmichael feels most natural to me. IIRC my risers give 118mm of lift. I am 6' with a sleeve length of 34"

Pro Taper Black KX High SE Handlebar

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