2007 kx250f with low compression

So I just bought a 2007 kx250f ..it sat all winter and don't no when it had had tune up...so I brought it to a local shop for a tune up and get my valves checked ...so when I dropped the bike off they guy said my bike has very low compression and had me push on a different bike they had and I could tell the difference ... so instantly the guy changed topic and said he's not gunna do the tune up yet he's gunna open my engine and check some stuff out does anyone no what could be the problem??? I no how shops are they will say anything extra is wrong to get more money out of u ...Anything will help thanks

Tight valves most likely

Ok thanks just waiting on a call back from them to see what they say so I will mention that to them and see what they think

If they are to tight a valve adjustment will correct that right that's the reason I brought it down was for a tune up and valve adjustment

Yes it will unless the valves have been shimmed to many times

He called me back saying that I have 0 valve clearance he said he can do the adjustment and still get some time out of it or I can replace the valves but he doesn't no what else he will find in there what would u recommend? Thanks

Do you have any clue how many times valves have been shimmed? If more the. Two or 3 times have new valves put in and seats recut

I honestly have no clue I don't even no what that means would the shop be able to tell me if I asked them... The kid I got the bike from claimed he had a new top end put in but in starting to think he played me

I'm going to get new valves for it but I don't no if I should just do a whole new top end or just valves

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