96 125cr wont start or bump HELP

Hey there, I am new to this forum and new with 2 strokes.

Rode this bike last summer and the floats got stuck so I pulled the carb and cleaned it then it fired up but wouldn't idle. Left it sitting until now..

Now it won't start at all, I drained the gas and put fresh 40/1 into it changed the plug and nothing. Won't kick and when I try to bump start it, it wants to go but fizzles out.

I do have spark, I do have gas, the shop did a compression test and said it was alittle low, the kick start has pressure sure didn't feel like low compression, Any ideas?

When I am starting it cold I've pulled the choke pin out and slam the throttle when I kick, air screw is out 2 full turns

re clean the carb, do a compression test.

Cleaned the carb there was some weird dark spots I cleaned off, did compression I'm at 115. Ordering top end/carb rebuild parts. Any suggestion on good rebuild kits?

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