I'm new to this form, sorry if i posted in the wrong place... i have a klx 45r 08 and was planing on changing out my sprockets....14 front 48 back...can anyone let me know how this will work for me? changing out the tires too...

I see your changing tires also so I assume your going Street/Supermoto and 14 x 48 gearing will work good for street riding.

If your planing to ride trails and woods it will be to geared to high. 13 x 52 would work better.

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I run 14/50 for all around including trails and a 120/80/18 tire however all tires tend to run actually a little different.  For street I would up it to a 46 on the back depending on how far I was looking running.

I'm 14/50 as well. Great for all street/off-road/track riding.

I run 13x 52, but than here in holland we have got sand, deep sand and real deep sand, so you need all the bottom power you can get!

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