2013 crf 450 starting issue

Hi,new to site,I own a 2013 450,went out couple weeks ago ran sweet as a nut then Sunday I started her up and 5 seconds later it cut out,would not start up again after tried bump starting it and nothing,swapped coils over with another crf and still wouldn't start but my coils started the other bike,any ideas anyone??

fuel pump

What knackered or blocked?

They fail ,who knows why, mine did so did another friend of mine. The filter can get clogged also. Swap tanks with a running 13 its easy to do.

Failing could have something to do with ethanol in pump gas... could not. But i know it isn't friendly with systems that arent intended for it. it gums up if it sits a while and it eats at rubber

I have tested the fuel pump and that works fine,could it be the kill switch maybe?

Tested fuel pump and it works fine,what else I'm thinking maybe kill switch??

Check for spark and compression. If you have all 3 and timing is correct then it should run.

I would start with the spark plug. If you have good spark and compression, give it a shot of starting fluid or carb and choke cleaner before putting the plug back in. If it fires and quits then you have a fuel issue.

Spark fine,compression and timing fine,chucked carb cleaner down it still didn't fire confused to f#%k now,race season starts in a few weeks

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