XL600R Scrambler with Sportster Tank. Opinions?

Hey guys,


I finally just picked up my '87 XL600R and am getting ready for the scrambler conversion. I'm looking to do something like this in the short term:



And then eventually end up with something like this:



I have a soft spot for sportsters/bobbers too, so I'm considering putting a HD Sportster tank on it. Opinions? I mean in terms of looks, practicality, will it fit, etc. I'm aware that it's a little small on the tunnel width, so it may not fit over the frame of my XL. Does anyone know for sure (I mean, it looks too close for comfort)? I'm also looking for answers that fall under the assumption that I can modify it if it doesn't fit. I like the fact that (typically) they're shorter too, since that means I can get the seat closer to the handlebars, much like more current dirtbikes. 


So far, this is the closest I've been able to find that's related to what I'm looking to do:



And here's a shot of the under-side with dimensions--maybe there are wider ones too, that I'm not aware of.



Has anyone seen this done or used similar tanks that have worked? Anything I haven't thought of yet?






I'd try "search". In another forum category.

i like 1 and 2.


3 not so much.

The sportster tank in pic no3 looks ok but in my opinion you need to change the angel it sits at - it's currently too high and points up too much.


You need to chop out the tunnel and re shape so the tank sits lower on the frame and parallel to the ground.


Plenty of shops can do this for you.


Looks like a fun project!!

These poor bikes. Target another brand!!!

* Dont let me opinion reflect upon this forum either. There are great people and advice here. This is my personal thought.

Ugh... you dont want to hear my opinion so I'll keep quiet.

Soon all air cooled xr6's will be scrambler projects haha. The first and second examples look cool but they also eliminate some great features of the bike, like not getting debris from the ground thrown all over the rider.

Funny part is ive never seen a "scrambler" even remotely muddy...or dusty...haha. only parked in front of a coffee shop or fancy over-priced camping store in downtown portland.

Haha I'll do my best Fivefive1.

Thanks for the advice, valvesrule, what do you think might be a better category?

Thanks for the input brightonguzzi, I hadn't noticed that--and now that you mention it, it really would look weird with the tank tilted like that.

Thanks for the advice, valvesrule, what do you think might be a better category?

I was thinking "special interest". No fenders, side mount taillight, bicycle seat really sort of eliminates it from the XR category. The engine is irrelevant for a bobber/rat/custom/chopper. It's just a look with no concern for function. Completely out of context to an XR. The first 2 tanks don't look bad but my personal opinion is a sportster tank is butt ugly on anything... including a sportster. Maybe on a fence rail with some gunshot holes thru it? Edited by valvesrule

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