Aluminum Handle Bars?

I have the same bars and risers as brain best setup out there.

Renthal CR High Fatbars... good stuff!

Im 6'2" ,I think the stock steel bars are great for a more relaxed and seated riding position. Compared to protaper cr hi , they sweep back just a lil more and the cr hi are also touch taller,wider. I like it because it feels comfortable and offers more control when riding aggressive. And if you drop it or wad up the aluminum has a better chance of springing back in to shape(protaper) ,the steel will bend easier...

And they look sweet. And with out the crossbar there's more room to put junk(gps ,phone,mirrors windshield-bark buster mounts)

Bars were my first mod.

I liked the stock bars too but they where bent when I bought the bike (nearly 2 years ago now)

I used the 971 bend renthal.

Opens up the cockpit.

Also run a 3 inch riser on top of that.

See photos in my garage.

Running fly aero cr high bend.. I dig them..

I might be running a Renthal ATV bars. I saved the info somewhere. Because they had a higher bend without the riser stuff. I liked stock bars but got bent on an un-expected get off. The aluminum bars are surprisingly more durable.

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