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Help! 83 yz125 not getting fuel.

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Hey guys, first off im pumped to be a part of Thumpertalk! Down to business, I'm currently doing a resto on my 83 yz 125. I recently just put in an entire new bottom end, with brand new crank case, crankshaft, etc. I put the head back on and got my piston(original from 1983) all situated. When i tried to kick the bike over, i got nothing, so i tried the old 2-stroke bump start. The good news is the new trans is smooth, but i cant get the bike to fire. I sprayed starting fluid in the spark plug hole after checking the spark and compression(i have both) and only got the bike to backfire a few times, meaning that the spark is good. The gas line from the tank works. After that i looked at the carb and gave it a good(what i thought at least) cleaning using carburetor cleaner and wiping off the grime. I should have done this sooner as the actual motor was out of the bike for over a year during my spotty hours of actually working on the bike, meaning that old fuel was sitting in the carb. when i sprayed the fluid through, There was some dirty old fuel that came out. I sprayed fluid into every hold in the carb as i could find making sure that the fluid came out somewhere, which it did. I then put the carb back in and tried again. nothing. Even when bump starting, it seems like the bike simply has no fuel. I took the carb off again and sprayed more fluid through. This time, i sprayed air throughout the carb as well to get any excess grime out. Once again, i put the carb back in and tried again. Nothing. not even a pop. At this point, i checked the reeds, but they are all in great, clean shape. i noticed as i check for spark over and over again, that the plug is bone dry. Meaning that there is no gas in the cylinder. The bowl of the carb DOES GET FUEL. When i un-screw the main jet cover plug, fuel leaks out, getting all over my bike, and me. I once again took out the carb and unscrewed the main jet, then hitting it with fluid and and blowing air through. put it all together. and nothing. I have no idea what could be wrong. 


Any help is more than appreciated!



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