Help! Reed issues

I've got an 06 yz250 2t that I use for Moto. Problem is that I had some broken v force 3 reeds that had chipped away on the corners pretty severely. I replaced the reeds, and the new ones didn't last 30 minutes! I took it back apart and noticed the same amount of damage. Huge chunks missing from the corners. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?

The bike was built by Dave Dye. milled, ported, I run vp110 @ 40:1 super techniplate. Stock everything else the bike ran fine for 50hrs until the initial reed issue.

Which petals are breaking, inner or outer? Got to be sure you're getting the retainer bars installed correctly. And that you're installing the curved side of the petals toward the cage.


See if you can find a YT video.

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