crankcase problem

Hello everyone I have a 1994 CR250 that needs a left side crankcase. A 1992 -1996 will fit, but no one on earth has one do not no why it would be so rare. My question is if I use a matched pair say just off hand from a 1998 would any one know if my internals and top end would work doing it that way with both sides from other years. And if this is possible would any one know possibly what year or years that I could use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You 4423mark.

92 - 01 use the same bottom end cases. A matched set I think would be better than one 1/2 94 and 1/2 98 but really shouldn't be any different as long as you know what to look for ( mostly the lower end split where the cylinder bolts on for flatness )

AS stated, a matched set is ideal.


you should LAP the case halves before you reassembly the engine no matter what case solution you choose.

Thank you to all that responded to my problem I hope that this will solve my problem. Thank You again. 4423mark :rolleyes:

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