07 250f randomly dies when on throttle, but idles fine

So I went riding Saturday and the bike ran great, but my front spricket lost a few teeth so today it finally came in and I put it on along with a new mx52 and so I went to ride it and it would start and die with no choke so I choked it let it run as usual and it was fine until I went to give it gas and it died. I kept trying with no result. So I tore it apart but I didn't have the time to take the carb off so I drained the bowl and did notice one little spec of dirt and I sprayed some cleaner up into one of the jets put it back together and it runs fine. Any clue why it randomly fixed itself?

Rule number 1: don't run gas with ethanol in it. And never ever let it sit in the carb.

Ethanol gas is like McDonald's for your bike.

I am pretty sure that is what caused your problem

agreed. if was probably just some fluke. all that matters is that its fixed and you can go rip now!

Yeah I'm hoping it was some fluke because it literally had every part in the engine redone by a race shop. Carb tuned and everything it was jut weird because it showed no signs of riding worse on Saturday. It just started doing it out of no where but fixed it self with minimal work. I just am worried it'll do it again because I didn't clean the carb good

It should be ok just run some decent gas in your bike.

Always have ran 93 never any issues before but I've been playing around in my field last few days she's running good

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