Two Stroke Mix In Our Bikes - Any Concerns?

I raced an enduro last weekend and after getting my bike impossibly stuck in a creek needed some fuel to keep going.  The course worker only had two stroke mix.  As beggars can't be choosers, I put enough in my tank to get to the fuel stop.  The bike ran okay but not great.  I drained the tank and carb and flushed both with regular fuel the next day and it seems to be running okay but I have experienced rubber fuel hoses that were not made for two-storke oil swell or disintegrate.  I am a little worried about the fuel lines and carb seals.  Anybody with any experience positive or negative?




Edited by Henryrifle

It will be fine.

I have done this in the past with bikes and lawn equipment when in a pinch, you should not have any issues. E-85 fuel would be bad, bike would be way lean.

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