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Is anyone else having this problem on their front Dunlop mx32? This tire has like 3 hare scramble races on it. I really like the hook up it gives but I'm not impressed with these sides falling off.

Yup. Pretty common prob when riding on harder terrain. They are made for groomed track and don't hold up well off road. Try the 52s. They will feel similar but hold up a little better although they are still a "track" tire.

Great tire, but that's gonna happen when you run that on hard pack for very long. It's a soft to mid terrain tire.

What pressure are you running at?

Quite normal, you are running the wrong tire for your specific usage.


Plus, Dunlop aren't known for being the longest lasting tire, even in their intended terrain.

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No problem with my MX32 has 45 hours on it, I ride in soft dirt not hard pack.

Ya maybe I should go try the 52s. I have raced 1 race in sand, 2 races in mud there wasn't even hard pack. I usually run 12.5-13.5psi.

In the soft terrain you've described, I think you should try another brand/model rather than a MX52 meant for harder terrain

plus, a tire designed with 'cross country' (XC) enduro racing in mind , not a motocross race tire.

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I have been a fan of the MX32 since they came out. MX52 not so good. Just inspected my 2 bikes, 250 tire with about 20 hrs mix hard/med/soft on MX32 front, sure enough, showing cracking in side knobs. 450 with 1 practice and 1 race in med terrain still looks fresh. Hope Dunlop takes note and develops a better front soon. Sure miss the D752 D755, D756.

I just like how well the dunlops hook up, no weird spongy feeling. That's why I have stuck with using them. Anyone try the Dunlop at81 front and rear?

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