Bike for hare scrambles/enduros/mx

Right now I have a yz125 but want to get into harescrambles, enduros, and mx. I like the 125 for mx but in the woods not so much. In the woods i ride a lot has pretty good size hills and a lot of them have hardly any run up so I can barely get up some of the hills while people on 250 and 450 can just fly up them with no problem. My question is what bike would you recomend for me. 80 woods and 20 mx. Should I just keep working on my corner speed so the hills get easier or just look for a different bike. Any help is appreciated

I also am in real good shape, weigh 160lbs, and am 5 10

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Gear down your yz some and work the clutch

using the clutch is a good thing to do in the woods. but if your'e getting a newer bike id recommend a 250 ( i'm assuming your thinking 4 stroke ) for mx and woods riding. a 450 can be a to much in the woods.


Kaliub Russel raced a 150 2-stroke last year and won though vs 450s so in the end skill and hard work win.

I know plenty of people who race hare scrambles on a 125 and don't have a problem. I know I can get up anything I've encountered in a race with my lowly KDX200/220 bikes and, at best, come close to having the power of an MX 125 bike. So, power isn't the problem. Corner speed will definitely help but I think probably what needs to be improved the most is your clutch technique.

ok I found out why my bottom end wasnt as good as it should be. It runs rich and is in need of a new top end soon. Compression was 150

might as well punch it to 150cc

Plenty of people run 125's especially YZ's for Hare Scrambles... Awesome suspension, easy to ride power, great chassis and weighs about as much as a bmx bike..... Throw some hand guards on, an oversize tank and get racing.

Had it rejetted. Made a big difference down low. Going to keep it now. Thanks for everyones input

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