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Check out these EXTREME Girls!

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Yes but can they make me a sammich?

I kid, I kid. Racing mountain bikes and road bikes, I learned there are a ton of genetically gifted women in the world, 10% of the women in the world are genetically better than the bottom 80% of the guys. I'd have to draw the bell curves out for males and females to really explain it. While it's true that when it comes to sports of strength and motor skill that on average men are better than women, when you look at the individual bell curves there is a ton of overlap. So if you are a guy that is genetically at the 50% percentile, 50% of the men are genetically better than you. Everyone realizes that. What they don't realize is the women that are in the top 35% of their bell curve are also better than you. I think the biggest differentiator is the fact that women aren't often pushed to reach their potential as often as men are.

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