Stator kit, oil pump, water pump.

Is this stator kit quality or cheap junk? If I'm gonna put new in my bike I want it to be good. I think Rick stators are good brand but their $200+.

Is this the right water pump.

Is this the right oil pump? Does this pump come with the gear parts?

Thanks for the help. I'm buying tmrw.

Stator - No way to tell.  Some people have used them with success.  Life expectancy is unknown.


Water pump - looks right.  You can check and verify part numbers as easily as I can.


Oil pump - looks right. Same comment.  I'm thinking this is just the "feed" half of the oil pump.  Why do you need an oil pump?

I don't need any of these things but since I'm going bb stroker I am replacing oil pump, water pump, stator and clutch. Bike had over 15k miles before I got it so I'm just freshening everything up. No use building a 5k motor when a $100 oil pump fails and destroys everything. And thx I'll check part numbers too.

OK I see your plan.  I would have serious reservations about the stator kit. My guess is Caltric is cheap junk. Stators do fail so having a good replacement is not a bad idea.  

Water pumps seldom fail.  The failure mode is leakage.  I guess you could replace it now, I wouldn't.

Never heard of an oil pump failure except when damaged by a blown motor.  The thing to pay attention to with the oil pump is the plastic drive gear.  The plastic gear is tough enough, but it can be damaged during clutch replacement if the teeth are not lined up.

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