reusable oil filter proper cleaning

Hey guys what are the different methods of cleaning those stainless reusable oil filters?


First time I used carb cleaner sprayed from the inside out then the outside and repeated till it came out clean. 

- do I need to let it sit and dry after this?


Second time I forgot my carb cleaner in my van so i sprayed some dish soap on it and used a hose to push water through from the inside out then the outside. 

-do I need to coat the filter with oil before re inserting it, like you do with a paper filter?





I know a guy who has a yz450f. I asked about the oil filter and he had no clue it even had one. Five years on the same oil filter... No you don't need to coat it in oil. I've never done that with the paper ones either

Ultra Sonic cleaner is the best method for cleaning reusable filters.. 

Carb or brake cleaner, either will work, then hit with compressed air to remove any excess.. Throw it back in the bike. Never an issue. 

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