02 ktm 520sx rear hub cracked

I am going through a recent bad purchase of mine (02 520sx) and realized the rear hub is cracked. Can I get a complete rear wheel off a 2016 450? Not sure what is comparable. Wheel is 19" can anyone point me in the right direction to a hub? Found some that claim comparable but says 5.0 x 17....

What would some of you do if you were in my shoes with this bike? Trying to save $ as well so please don't tell to get a 4-500 dollar wheel

Thanks in advance

not sure about the latest few years of bikes axle size, look up the axle size on a parts list....early 90s thru the axle change years of about 2013 will work for the rear. Any full size bike 125 thru 525, the 125 will have a smaller rim width, but they all will fit. So, I would look for a used rear wheel in the $200 range. check here at TT, KTMTALK.COM has a good classifieds section or Ebay.


18 or 19 inch will fit, the 17 is a road bike rim but will fit, just not a true dirt bike wheel.

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