KTM 250 excf vs KTM 250 exc


Im just wondering what bike i should pick the KTM 250 excf vs KTM 250 exc because im stuck, im riding a jr80 (2 stroke) but ive grown out of it.

Im 13 years old weighting 43kg or 94lbs, riding a jr80 in sandy condition on a sort of motocross track but its flat but want to start riding trails and enduro as well. I love to go fast and be faster than my dad which is on a wr250-f upgraded, i try to ring my 80 out but its just to slow, i'll beat him in the corners anyday and i race against one of my dads friends for fun which his riding on a 2014 KTM 350 excf and id like to keep up with him. I dont mind to service my bike but i dont want to be putting $300 dollars for someone to fix it every month because i dont have that type of money. i dont ride every day or weekend. As well i dont want to go on a 125 because ill grow out of it to fast. I love going fast and its just the best feeling. Not a big fan of honda and stuff just wanna give ktm a shot. So can you give your opinion on what should i get.


PS. I've been riding for about 3 years on this 80 and i would say im a decent rider. 



Well the European bikes such as KTM and Husqvarna are PAY-TO-RIDE motorcycles. Believe me, I've own both and still own the Husky. They have OUTRAGEOUS maintenance schedules... neither is cheap, and its super expensive at the end of the day. If I were you being you're 13 and obviously have no 40 hours a week job your money WILL for sure be better spent on a Japanese motorcycle like Honda or more preferably Yamaha. I would not get the KTM 250 it's a HUGE upgrade from what your on and seeing you like to go fast, you may end up breaking your neck on a KTM 250 because its such a big step forward but thats just if your not wrenching on it all the time...


I'm NOT dissing all european bikes because clearly not all euro bikes are high maintenance unless it says KTM or Husqvarna on the front of it. But your still only 13, still a kid. I wouldn't know what to recommend you because YOUR 13 and you should probably not get a 250 until your around 16. Check out the Yamaha TTR230 its not fuel injected or anything special of a bike but its a step up from where your at and its no where near the Yamaha WR250F so I can only recommend that bike for your 13 year old self. 

Best of luck.. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say..

Thanks for replying :thumbsup:

I get where your coming from but i have heard not to get a honda because of the value problems and ive never liked honda i know they make good bikes but just not a fan. One of my dads friends services their ktm by themself and ill see if i can get him to teach me, i get where your coming from but as i dont ride everyday ill go bored of ttr230 and i just want to train on a 250 its not like im gonna be going full nacker straight up and ill still have to wait until i have enough money which will be in a month or so because i help out a mechanic every saturday and get 30 dollars. but out of the both which is the fastest in sandy, flat motocross track, and trails and enduro. Just wondering whats faster so when im ready to buy i have a good idea.


Thanks so much for replying and i take everything into consideration, and i do get what u mean. Thanks

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You will learn faster and be faster on a bike that is the right size.  If you were to get a 125 two stroke it would be easier for you to learn and you would be faster, not to mention it won't wear you out so you will be able to ride longer.  I bike that is too big and powerful for you is honestly not very fun.  It can kill your confidence also.


If you are dead set on a 250 and don't like Honda, look at the YZ250.  I am assuming you are asking about which to get between a KTM 250 four stroke and a 250 two stroke.  The 2 stroke will be faster, lighter and cheaper to maintain but being a KTM, it will cost more than a YZ250.  You could also consider a KTM 200 two stroke.  

I own a KTM and love it but are your parents going to maintain a race bike? We are talking about $9000 purchase price after taxes and fees and then about $1,500 in maintenance every 120 hours of use. If you are in a situation where your parents will foot that bill then I'd go for it. If you were like me, a 13 year old kid washing dishes 20 hours a week for $2/hr at the local restaurant on the weekends then 4sevens is right. Pick up a used 125 two stroke. Your money will go much further and you'll have nearly the same amount of enjoyment.

As far as growing out of a 125 2-stroke that's nonsense. Riding a 125 2-stroke well is like the panacea of dirt biking. It takes the most skill and when done correctly is insanely fast. 125 2-strokes are really hard to ride well but when ridden well are really fast. I consider the 144/150 2-strokes in the same class as the 125s but they offer a little more flexibility in power delivery.

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YZ125' install a 144 top end when you get bored of it.

Thanks for replying everyone,

I get where you are all coming from so would a 200 exc be a better choice and it would keep up with the ktm 350excf. And once i get better i can just resell it and go up to a 300 exc? 

Thanks everyone. :thumbsup:

Maintenance on a ktm two stroke is no more expensive than a japanese two stroke..

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