YZ GP #808 Wiseco Piston in 08 RM250

So I've done a lot of research and found a number of people running YZ250 GP Series #808M06640 single TiN ring piston kits in their RM250's. I've also read this was the set up that Carmichael and other top RM teams ran in their bikes. Obviously I am very keen to try this out in my RM, but I have some questions...

My stock motor has a 1.45mm squish band, I understand the GP #808 piston is slightly taller? Will this potentially cause detonation? The bike has never suffered detonation before, running 98 octane UK premium pump fuel.

I've never used a forged piston before, what is the running in method for these?

How long will the piston/ring last? What is the recommended amount of hours on the ring/piston?

I'm on my second YZ GP piston in my 2006 RM250. No problems at all, def gave the bike a litter harder hit/crisper feel. I run 50/50 with 91 and 110 leaded race gas mixed with 927 at 32:1.

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