I have a 650r with Pro Tapers and a Scott's steering stabilizer. I recently changed it from a rear mount to

a forward mount and the clutch/decompression cables get pinched at full lock to the right. I have Acerbis

handguards (like Barkbuster's) and they limit my choices for rerouting the cables. Does anyone have any

pictures of a similar setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The only thing I've seen is someone use an older xr decompression lever/perch and mount it seperate form the clutch lever. That may help you get the new location you need.

I just recently went through the same issue as you are going through. What I did is route the cables on the left side(outside) of the fork. So far it has worked pretty well. The only thing that I do not like about it is that the cables have to be on the outside of the number plate, which is just really aesthetics at that point.

It is a bit of a pain, because there are only two ways to accomplish this. One is to take the top clamp of the forks and the other is pulling appart the cables from the levers, which is the lesser of two evils.

Good luck. Let me know if that makes sense.

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