¿PDS or link suspension?

Last 13th of March there was the National Spanish Enduro Race in Cañamero. I did a video in which you can see the difference between KTM and Husqvarna climbing a hill. The first is Iván Cervantes, world enduro champion, with the new KTM 2017, and then Josep García with the new 2017 Husqvarna. Both pilots are profesionals, so their suspensions are prepared. But there are a big difference in the climbing. Ktm is more stable than Husqvarna. ¿Is the PDS the difference?

¿What do you think about?



I don't think anything about it.  The Husky had a different line (more to the right) and there is no way that each bike can hit the same exact spot or same rock so this vid doesn't prove anything as far as I'm concerned.

Different line for sure. My opinion take it or leave it is. Do you want a more motocross inspired suspension or trail oriented suspension. I believe there is more travel in linked suspension plus it swallows up chop and braking bumps better. Imo

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I think Cervantes is the better rider by about 0.01%.

PDS or Linkage suspension? I think in this case it's way more about the guy standing to my right........


add also the possibility that one has a Trax shock and the other may not. this type of trail is exactly where the Trax shock works best under load on sharp rocky stuff (I have one it works amazingly well in this terrain)

Also can be two very different suspensions set-ups. When set-up correctly (both designs for one rider)  both designs will have the same end results. Just how to get there is the issue. With a PDS system you don't have a large tuning window like with linkage. This is why so many have been disappointed in these bikes resulting in big $$ in suspension tuning. I will take linkage if I have a choice every time.

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PDS has more wheel travel by 5mm

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