Swapped DRZ stock header pipe for FMF Power BOMB and exhaust...dies without choke.

2011 DRZ-400S


Original owner has the 3x3 mod completed and I would assume its jetted but I personally have no idea on how to confirm that. He also had an FMF exhaust 

FMF Q-4 Slip-On Muffler



I kind of smashed that end of the exhaust up so I figured I would replace it with the 

FMF Q4 & PowerBomb System

 from the same website


In the same incident I cracked off the back of the subframe so I had to replace that, everything went back together correctly, kept all open ports covered while working on it. Replaced the subframe with factory part. Wired up new tail lights and turn signals, works great.


When I start the bike with the choke wide open, and half way in it sounds great but it drops with the choke all the way in. Are there any new adjustments I should make with the new downpipe?


I used high heat permatex silicone around the connection of the header to the engine and from the header pipe to the exhaust.


Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

Whats the jettings on it? Have you tried adjusting the fuel screw?

Did you reconnect the vacuum line to the petcock?


Fuel screw is for idle only. Exhaust has nearly no inter-relationship with it.

be sure you didn't disconnect the carb to engine boots.

The black rubber like oval shaped fittings with hose clamp things on it...? if I did whats the fix make sure theyre air tight to pull compression?

I have no idea what the Jetting settings on it are set to, I would eventually like to take the carb apart and have it cleaned etc. but for now with the research I have done I dont feel comfortable doing it yet. Is the fuel screw the white plastic phillips head down to the left of the air filter? Also, I dont believe I unplugged anything from the petcock. like I said bike seems to run fine with the choke out.

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