LRP Tracking and Security devices

Hello all!

Couldn't find a thread specific for this but I have come across lots of different people (including myself) talking about these devices in other threads, figured I would start one.

I personally have looked into lots of different trackers, GPS locators and so on in the case of your bike or anything for that matter, being stolen. Most I have come across are fairly expensive or you have to pay a monthly fee for the service. I know there are ways around it with getting an old cell phone and what not but I did just come across this little neat device. It is about $40, comes with a free app and is used to track anything but is very small and hide able. It appears that once you have the device there are NO more fees of any sort and it seems really legit. I think I am going to get one, seeing what you guys think?! or have other options.





the range of that device is only 100 feet tops.

the range of that device is only 100 feet tops.

Oh really? I didnt see that part. I read about it and even if your not close to your device but someone else has one that is near you it will ping off of their phone and to yours letting you know the location. I thought that was pretty neat, but then again lots of people would need one of the devices, and it seems there are a ton out there. 

Do you have any recommendations?

My issue is I live in Canada, the second cell phone line with an old Android phone option isn't really an option for me. Mainly because in Canada we get RIPPED OFF HARD for cell phone coverage. There is no way I could get another line with data added to my account for less than 50 bucks a month...if I do the Spot Tracker its only $100.00 for the year.

That trackr uses a blue tooth chip to put out its signal that you sync your phone to. I asked them via the bot chat thing that comes up on the lower right.

I deal with blue tooth gizmos and one that runs on a watch battery is not likely to reach the claimed 100 feet.

There are alarm systems that have two way communication with the remote that will make the remote chirp if someone is to close or touch the bike.

The Brazilian version of the LRP comes from factory with a tracking device.

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