timing plug size 10'-13'

Just to help out ....


checked my valves and ran into the this issue with the lower timing plug on the left side being SO big


its a 14mm or aprox 9/16"


I didn't have a hex key that big so here ya go

go to your local Ace hardware and get a 3/8"x2:" (or whatever length)  hex head bolt and 2 nuts,

the head size of the bolt is 9/16" and with the 2 nuts you have rigged up a way to unscrew that timing cap plug



Yep that is what I use.

Good advice.  I'm actually doing a tear down on my 2011 tonight as a matter of fact and I was looking at this wondering how to get around buying an allen wrench that size.  I feel like a dunce not figuring this out myself!! 

If I'm not mistaken, the small end of the original spark plug wrench will fit that.

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