Wanting to learn to ride and have no idea where to start

Alright, so I've never ridden a dirt bike before and am wanting to learn to ride, mainly because I want to get a Harley and figure it would be best to learn on a dirt bike first. So, my main question is what bike should I be looking to get to learn on. I'm a big guy (350lbs) but short (5'6") and am not looking to spend a lot of money. I'm totally ok with getting an older bike as I don't plan on using it for much more than learning to ride before getting something else. Any thoughts?

Check in your area for riding schools.

Locally we have one that meets in a parking lot. Bikes supplied. They are usually rebel 250s or similar. Easy to ride and control.

If you don't plan on keeping a dirt bike, that is the route I would go.

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