Cold Starting a WR 450

I am trying different things when starting the WR cold this winter. I am tired of kicking it because the E-start doesn't light it up. This weekend I may have stumbled on a better way to start it cold. :)

1. Twist the throttle twice

2. Hold the throttle Wide open for 2 seconds while pushing the magic button.

3. Release the throttle while continuing to push the button.

Baam, started in under 5 seconds first try! I still need to repeat it a few times to see how consistant the method is. Note that the choke was on and that it is for cold starting only.

try twisting the throttle a couple more times, but be careful about holding the throttle open. it can (or does) tell the t.p.s. that the throttle is open and to advance the ignition spark. it can cause a nasty kick back or back fire.

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