Why won't my hour meter work on my 08 yz450f?

I have the same one on my quad, and it works fine on it. Even tested this one on my quad. Foes it have to do with having 2 wires going to the plug that you're supposed to wrap it around? I even split those wires and tried each one individually. Is there another wire somewhere else that would work?

Wrap the wire around the top of the coil.

That's right.  Your 450 uses a "stick coil".  The plug boot and coil are one unit.  The exposed wires at the spark plug connector are low voltage primary side leads.  You have to wind around the coil itself.  Sometimes you can make it work by winding around the top, under the connector, but over the seal.  If not, run the meter wire under the seal and go around it there.

I tried but it was too tighg, works perfect on my 13

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