can i reuse the stock clutch basket after i remove it and put hinson basket?

Ok, where to begin. You wont be able to use the stock basket, only because you have to drill out the rivets that hold the assembly together. You'll be much happier with the Hinson basket anyway.

1. Actually 2 options here, either lay the bike down on its side, or drain the oil. I chose to lay my on its shifter side. Once I had completed the mod, I rode it around for a few minutes, then changed the oil, just in case anything got in the cases that shouldnt have.

2. Remove outer clutch cover, slowly, and the gasket should remain reusable.

3. Remove pressure plat, then remove all clutch plates, drive and friction. Also, slide inner hub out.

4. Flatten out lock washer on nut, you will need and impact driver to loosen nut.

5. When removing the outer hub assembly, do it slowly because there are washers on the back of it, and the do fit a certain way.

Now the fun begins, seriously though, its a pretty easy mod.

Drill out the rivets that hold the gear assem. to the back of the basket. I found it much easier to drill them from the flatter side first. Just do it in gradual steps.

Once that is done, clean the gear assembly, springs, and other pieces well.

That should get you started, re-assemble it reverse order. The directions that come with the basket are fairly good, and don't forget to use Locktight, the kind that doesnt come loose. I believe its the red. Hope that info helps.

Make sure you use fresh lock-tite for the screws because I bought my bike with a hinson already in it and the screws backed out and I had to replace all the gears on the clutch side from the oil pump gear to the counter balance gear.

I also put a hinson basket back in thanks to hinson helping me out with new springs and back plate because when the screws came out it took out the springs, back plate and the basket.

It was not hinsons fault this happen it was the installers fault but it cost me a few bucks to get it back to what it was and it could have been prevented with good lock-tite or more lock-tite. hinson says to use a lot and let it set for 24hrs before putting it back in the bike...

That's a strange question. There is only room for ONE clutch basket. To go a bit further, most components(at least the ones that come to mind) are unique to any motorcycle so you generally can't use or install the same parts in multiples unless specified. Clutch plates are what come to mind.

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hi boit

i ment that i want to leave the stock one as a spare ...

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