Fuel Line Protection

Has anyone figured out a way to protect the fuel line on the right side of the bike (14-16 yz450f)? I saw it done on a couple race bikes, but I can't recall if it was in a magazine or online. 


My concern is that I dump it on the trail 20 miles from the truck and have the fuel line get snagged on a branch and ripped off. Is it likely? Probably not. But I would like to make it a non-factor.


Edit: something like this, but available in the US: http://www.excitemotorsports.com.au/store/genuine-yamaha-products/offroad/mx-competition/yamaha-yz450f-fuel-line-cover-2014-2015


I might have to make one.

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From an article in MXA.

No one, huh?

Call Chaparral and see if they will sell you one like the pic.

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I was in a dealership today and noticed on their 450FX that there is now a plastic piece covering the fuel line on that side. You might able to make that work depending on how it attaches to the subframe. I didn't poke around in it enough to see how it is attached.

Think the part number is 2GB-2171X-00-00, #47 on the frame fiche.

Think the part number is 2GB-2171X-00-00, #47 on the frame fiche.


Good find! I wonder if it snaps in to place or if the FX subframe has holes drilled and tapped for mounting. I'll dig around and see if I can find a picture.

Looks like the subframe are the same so I'm guessing it will work! Definitely gonna put this one on the list. Thanks guys!

That part is a lot more expensive than the one I posted about.  Not sure the difference, but the one you posted looks like what I saw on the bike.


I may be ordering something from Rocky Mountain very soon, and if I do I'll order the part I posted since it's only like $6.  


In addition to what TN Dirt Rider said, that part is only available in New Zealand and Australia. They won't ship it overseas.


The plastic piece should be enough to keep the fuel line from getting snagged on a branch, which is my main concern.

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