13 YZ450 (good) Vibrations

So I have been racing hare scrambles with this beast and its pretty awesome!! But my hands have been going numb from the vibration.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I have a recluse, fmf rct full system and cycra hand guards. nothing too over the top.  Is this vibration from the motor?  Do they have rubber handle bar mounts?  I would really like to just replace my handle bar clamp with a rubber one but I cannot find any.  Does anyone have any Mods or parts to cure my problem?

I have had a 2010 and 2, 2013 YZ450F's and have never had issue with vibration. I believe several companies make rubber mounted bar mounts that might help you?

Do you know what ones?

ProTaper makes rubber mounted bar mounts.

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